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Compliance or Quality: The dilemma plaguing vocational education providers

In Australia, if you want to be awarded a certificate under the Nationally Recognised Training scheme, you need to enrol in course delivered by an RTO (Recognised Training Organisation). To be an RTO, the institution will have to undergo periodic audits by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority), the national regulator for vocational education and training. The reason

Coaching Industry’s Identity Crisis

After I quit my corporate life, one of the professional pathways I explored was coaching – more in the context of life coaching. It was something that came by chance, not because I actively sought it out. This pathway was presented to me through two options: one was to do a Masters; the other was

Byron Bay’s Sheep

Byron Bay is my favourite place in Australia. Who can blame me? Beautiful beaches, great weather, friendly locals, amazing diving and a laid back vibe. I usually visit Byron during Blues Fest, a popular music festival held over Easter. It has featured artists such as Bob Dylan and B.B King. This is also the busiest