Einstein himself said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler?”

Have you noticed some people are able to keep it simple while others have a way of complicating anything? What makes them different? How do you know you are one who tends to complicate things?

I have noticed that happy, relaxed people tend to live simpler lives. If you are looking to simplify further or just looking to stop complicating things, below are 7 signs of people who overcomplicate.

1) They waffle and speak without intent and purpose. Have you noticed some people can speak for hours without ever getting to the point? What often can be said in one sentence becomes a one-hour monologue. People that keep it simple can put things simply. If you waffle, you likely overcomplicate things.

2) They have complex needs (e.g. high maintenance). Yes, I am talking about our high maintenance family, colleagues and friends. Simple needs lead to a simple life. When all of the sudden you catch yourself travelling with someone who needs a five star resort experience everywhere they go, take three bags with them and are vegan, gluten free and lactose intolerant, this is no longer a simple trip.

3) Their life is cluttered and disorganised. People who overcomplicate tend to live, work and play in clutter. They are unclear about what they really want; therefore tend to keep everything, usually in a mess. Simple people only have what they need or less. It is easier to be organised that way. Organisation is key to living simply so that you know what you have and where it is. It saves time and money.

4) They are materialistic and worry too much about “things”. I am not suggesting you covert to Buddhism, but the more you crave in terms of material things, the more complicated life will be. I have my own material desires, but they are under control. Now, to complicate life is to wish to have the latest version of every electronic gadget that comes out. Simple people do not queue up outside their local Apple Store after the latest IPhone is launched.

5) They try to guess and worry about what other people think. Worrying about what people think is the same as trying to guess what they think, because unless they tell us, we won’t really know. Even if they do tell us, who cares? If you live life trying to get the approval of others you will have to impress some seven billion people. Good luck!

6) They lack focus and are poor time managers. Similar to the first point, I notice people who complicate have very short attention spans and struggle to manage time. They tend to be always late or in a rush, while trying to manage a dozen tasks all at once. Simple people plan well and focus on what is most important.

7) They have no clear values, vision and purpose. People that overcomplicate tend to go about life with no clear purpose or vision of where they want to go. They are often lost and find decisions hard to make because they are unclear about the values that guide them. Simple people know exactly where they are going and why they need to get there.
Keep It Simple