Minimalism: Living Rich with Less
It has been a while since my last post. Things have been busy. It is in the spirit of “busy”ness that I am sending you this newsletter.

I came a across an organisation named The Minimalists. It was founded by two friends that left their six-figure careers, with fancy cars and two-story apartments with all the gadgets in search for a more meaningful lifestyle. As you may know, my story is very similar to theirs.

In their journey, as in mine, they have discovered that less is actually more. Less stuff, people, options, decisions can actually lead to a richer and more meaningful life. In fact, they say that having less allows more more energy to be dedicated towards growth and contribution; the things that truly matter. I couldn’t agree more.

Below is their TEDX video (approx 14 mins) which I thought was great. It really resonated with me and I hope you enjoy it too.
Live Simply