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No Order and Little Progress – Why can’t Brazil move forward?

It had been a little over nine years since I had gone back to my native Brazil – almost a decade. Why so long? There was no good reason to do so. Until early 2016, no one in my immediate family lived in Brazil; therefore money and time were spent going somewhere else. Over the

Third World Way of Thinking: Why developing countries don’t develop?

The term 'Third World' was used during the Cold War to refer to countries that were neither aligned with NATO or the Soviet Union. Those countries were referred to as First World and Second World, respectively. The Cold War has since ended, but the terms First and Third World are still thrown around. Today, the

Be a Tourist, not a Traveller

I keep coming across an adage about travelling that says ‘be always a traveller, not a tourist.' I used to think that way, but many years of travel have led me to the conclusion that travellers are tourists and it would be better for everyone if they saw themselves in that way. Let's first look

What Makes a Place Home?

I recently visited a medical centre to get some travel vaccines, and out of curiosity, the receptionist asked me to where was I travelling. I replied, saying I was going to Brazil. Having put together my name, how I looked and sounded, she interjected with the question, ‘Is that home for you?’ I wasn’t sure

Simplicity is the Key to Innovation

Innovation is key to success in this fast changing world? Don’t believe me? Ask the former executives of Xerox, Kodak, Nokia and Blockbuster. Interestingly enough, Xerox was the first company to come up with the personal computer (the Xero Alto in 1973) and Kodak the first to develop the digital camera. Blockbuster had the opportunity

Compliance or Quality: The dilemma plaguing vocational education providers

In Australia, if you want to be awarded a certificate under the Nationally Recognised Training scheme, you need to enrol in course delivered by an RTO (Recognised Training Organisation). To be an RTO, the institution will have to undergo periodic audits by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority), the national regulator for vocational education and training. The reason

Coaching Industry’s Identity Crisis

After I quit my corporate life, one of the professional pathways I explored was coaching – more in the context of life coaching. It was something that came by chance, not because I actively sought it out. This pathway was presented to me through two options: one was to do a Masters; the other was

Byron Bay’s Sheep

Byron Bay is my favourite place in Australia. Who can blame me? Beautiful beaches, great weather, friendly locals, amazing diving and a laid back vibe. I usually visit Byron during Blues Fest, a popular music festival held over Easter. It has featured artists such as Bob Dylan and B.B King. This is also the busiest

5 Undeniable Signs You Are a Workaholic

Workaholics are addicts. Their addiction is no different to other addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sex, you name it. The only difference is that being addicted to work is socially acceptable and in some cultures venerated. The consequences of work addiction are similar to those others not so socially acceptable addictions: broken homes, ill health,