The Sea in One Hundred Dives[IS5]

The Sea in One Hundred Dives shows the beauty and diversity of sea life experienced by the author in the span of only one hundred scuba dives. It shows how much can be seen and enjoyed in what is considered a modest number of dives, easily achievable by any keen scuba diver. All photographs were taken by the author using unsophisticated equipment. This book will take you to wonderful places such as the Great Barrier Reef, the wrecks of Truk Lagoon, the wreck of the President Coolidge, Palau, the dolphins of Kaikoura, the seals of Montague Island and the majestic Fish Rock Cave in NSW. The imagery is simple and genuine and it will take you on a journey to the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Warning! You may become a dive junkie after this book.

ISBN 9781366840905 | Hardcover – 98 pages | June 2012 | Buy Book

Simplify Your Life: A Seven-step Guide to a Simple Life in Today’s Society[IS1]

Tired of getting up in the morning and just going through the motions? Feel like life just got way too complicated? Looking for a bit more meaning in your life? If these questions are playing out in your head, then this could be the book you were looking for to give you back control and meaning in your life.

Have you ever wondered why do some people complicate things while others manage to keep it simple? And who is happier?  Isn’t it ironic that as society modernises, life is getting more complicated? Maybe it is the abundance of choice, or the plethora of information, or the ever-increasing demands of modern society.

Amidst the rapidly evolving society we live in, I am under the belief that deep inside, people are craving a return to a simpler lifestyle where things are straightforward and easy.

That is what this book is all about. It is a tool people can use to simplify the main areas of their life.  There are libraries of books out there helping people live better and happier, but I have yet to come across a book that helps people live a simpler life in the context of today’s society.

How does Simplify Your Life work? The book offers the same seven-step process to simplify different areas of life such as: career, finance, love, friendship, family, home, and hobbies. Under each of these topics, the reader will be taken through the seven-step process:

  1. Find the most direct route towards what you want
  2. Simplify your needs
  3. Declutter using the 80/20 rule
  4. Play to your strengths
  5. Put yourself first
  6. Live in accordance with your values
  7. Live your purpose.

The beauty of this book is that these same seven steps can be applied to simplifying any particular area of one’s life.  Throughout the chapters, different exercises are offered to help put these steps into practice.

Besides the process above, I will also take the reader through a real-life example of a complicated life, discuss why we choose to complicate and what a simple life feels and looks like.

ISBN 9780994596109 | Paperback – 160 pages | October 2016 | Read an extract by CLICKING HERE

Book: Simplify Your Life

Book: Simplify Your Life